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Golden Heart Center

The largest center specialized in Egypt in cardiovascular diseases - The use of the latest technologies in surgery and cardiac and peripheral catheters. Intensive care units according to the latest international protocols Postoperative management of rooms and suites Pain Management Unit Treating all types of heart failure and cardiomyopathy - High blood pressure treatment Treatment of congenital heart disease in adults - Treating all types of arrhythmias. Treatment of pulmonary artery diseases - Implementation of the rehabilitation program in accordance with the international protocols for all cases.
Mission and goal of the center The Center applies the international principles and is represented in: Professional and Technical Excellence -1 Continuing Education and Research and Development -2 Integrity is of the highest standards driven by honesty, transparency, respect and confidentiality -3 The main mission of the center is to provide high-quality care for cardiovascular patients -4 5- Providing the latest protocols in the field of cardiac care and clinical treatments for patients of all ages and providing the latest tests and procedures to help in accurate diagnosis and planning for treatment and listening carefully to patient concerns and trying to develop the best evaluation and treatment plans for everyone

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Working hours for outpatient clinics from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening (consultants) all days of the week except Friday and public holidays. • Consultation once for detection within two weeks from the date of detection.